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I enjoyed this but there are a few suggestions i would make. First off the font for the subtitles should be neutral and clean, and most importantly, easy to read! The subtitles don't need to be styled to suit the aesthetic of the film, they just need to be readable. Similiarly they should be consistent, the voice acting should make clear who is speaking. If you want it to be clear even for the deaf, then try using slightly different colors.
You use filters, which is a nice touch and adds some character to the animation. However you use them too often and too obviously and it becomes annoying. Try to use the overlays subtly or not at all.
The character design was decent i thought. The beast in the cave was really cool! The music was all good too, but the sound design obviously needs work as people can't hear what's being said. Either that or you need a better voice actor or microphone.
My favorite thing was the plot! Really enjoyable script, interesting dialogue and a creepy atmosphere. Good pacing too! Overall i thought it was a good flash, keep it up!

Really good timing on the fbf, managed to really convey the sense of motion without using that many unique frames. The blink is killer! The concept is a little over done but the ending was unexpected. Good sound too, that really helped create an eery atmosphere. Overall a really fun piece, good work!

Very nice work! The clockwork imagery was all very nice and I like your use of colors and light. There are a few things i think could be improved on though: the camera movements. You open with a zoom out, which is nice and helps the viewer feel like they're entering an environment. Then you cut to a still shot; fair enough. Then it's a pan diagonally down; this feels a little disorienting. Then a still, then a pan diagonally down. This is an odd pattern and the motion erally doesn't flow. It's hard to work out the spatial relationship between the things being shown and some scenes feel like repeats. There are a few establishing shots but again, scenes feel repeated and the different pieces the viewers seen are never really slotted together.
I loved the tension built with the two entirely separate scenes (and colors) obviously happening synchronously gradually coming together and then colliding.
That said the pacing is pretty bad. Things happen far too slowly and any intelligent viewer will have anticipated events a few scenes ahead. For example there are about 40 seconds during which all the man does is gesture "Stay back!" (though i do like the battering in sync with the drums in this scene).
Whilst I do like the concept I think it could have done with some padding out to help keep up the videos pace. A really enjoyable animation regardless, good luck with future work!

Jedargh responds:

Hey thanks! This is actually my favorite criticism of my work. Super constructive. I agree with you about all of it. There were parts when I didn't have the time to make new content in order to get the timing right later in the video, so I did have to pad a bit in places.

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This is the future!

I loved this game so much. I felt like a very powerful pokemon with abilities that i had never before dreamed of possessing. I wish i could jump though! I spent ages trying to jump and i couldn't do it. Is that an unlockable ability or something? Oh well it was still fun DESTROYING all those over stupid pokemon. I felt so superior and it was a real ego booster after being bullied all day at school. Thanks a bunch for making it and good luck with your future submissions.
P.S I agree with JeriahTheSwarm, a side scroller like this (WITH JUMPING) would be soooooo fun.

This is a joke right?

I'm not sure whether to laugh or to cry.


Good work on this, i like the idea of laying it out like the BBS. The music was horrid but there was a mute button so that's ok. Thanks for making this!

Manly-Chicken responds:


I used the bbs awards music.

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Very nice and relaxing. The contrast between the sweet, smooth piano and the incessant drilling is almost comical! I would move your microphone a little further away from the piano as the recording clips when you play loudly.

FlyingColours responds:

Thanks for the review and the recorder tip! I'll certainly do that next time. :)

Very unexpected tempo shifts. The timpani was nice and the instruments sounded good despite not sounding particularly realistic. I really liked the flute playing solo at 1:24, very ethereal. The melodies were leafy.

Zump responds:

Thank you for that last part, it means a lot to me. The vegetable genre is very under-appreciated these days.

Love this one! Your voice and singing style are very distinct and unlike most internet singers i hear you don't sound like your trying to imitate anyone (perhaps your just imitating someone i don't know ha ha). I thought the mixing was pretty good, have you just panned vocals apart or have you actually got two different recordings of the same verse playing at once? Either way it sounds nice. I like the string instrument that plays in my left ear at 0:57, the things like that throughout the song are nice additional details that keep it interesting.
Very enjoyable, i was happy to see you'd released a new song!

newhansen responds:

Thx for you review, Pied3! The voices are recorded twice and panned to L and R. Though, i tried to record one vocal track in the middle and that works too. Great to hear that it sounds distinct ^^

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Ha ha, love that facial expression. Would be nice to see it with a background! Some of the gradients look a little cheap. I don't know much about art so can't give great advice but there's my two cents. Awesome character!

I don't know where the characters are from but the picture is great. I love the composition and the background, the way the character sort of leans on the frame and extends out of the coloured square gives him a real corporal feel as though i could just reach out and touch him. I don't know much about art so i don't have any advice to give but i just wanted to say good job!

That dialogue is atrocious! Come on, show don't tell. He really didn't need to say "I've always hated the rain due to my paralysis" when we've just seen him get paralysed in the rain and say "fuck off" to someone who said they liked the rain. Have a bit more faith in the subtleties of your story telling! I think the problem is you chose to large a story for such a short comic, and so the character blurts out unrealistically everything he's thinking so as to reach a conclusion in 1 panel. The story is quite nice, and i like your art style, but you need to think about pacing and dialogue.

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