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Ha ha, love that facial expression. Would be nice to see it with a background! Some of the gradients look a little cheap. I don't know much about art so can't give great advice but there's my two cents. Awesome character!

I don't know where the characters are from but the picture is great. I love the composition and the background, the way the character sort of leans on the frame and extends out of the coloured square gives him a real corporal feel as though i could just reach out and touch him. I don't know much about art so i don't have any advice to give but i just wanted to say good job!

That dialogue is atrocious! Come on, show don't tell. He really didn't need to say "I've always hated the rain due to my paralysis" when we've just seen him get paralysed in the rain and say "fuck off" to someone who said they liked the rain. Have a bit more faith in the subtleties of your story telling! I think the problem is you chose to large a story for such a short comic, and so the character blurts out unrealistically everything he's thinking so as to reach a conclusion in 1 panel. The story is quite nice, and i like your art style, but you need to think about pacing and dialogue.


This is the kinda of art i really love. It's in a style i love, and both it's concept and content are things i thoroughly enjoy too. It's exactly the kind of thing i look for on the internet, and i was extremely pleased when i saw this. You've created a realistic, believable living space which is rarely done in pictures like this. Normally the environment look ssuperficial and sterile, but in this thanks to i don't know what (the colors? the stuff lying around? the oil in the bed? the composition?) it feels very tangible. The sort of space i would expect to see if ever did go back to a robots apartment. I'm not much of an artist so i can't give much criticism on the technical side, but i really like the shadow of the window pane and the way it curves over his body crating a 3d feel. All in all it's a really nice piece and I thank you for making it.

deadspread83 responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I had to try really hard not to rush it so I could get all the little details in it, I'm glad somebody noticed :)

A true beauty

Kinda cliche concept but the symbolism was nice and you pulled it off fairly well. The cogs lack detail and they stand out as a bit blocky compared to everything else. Perhaps a few more details on them like the grooves of the metal might have been nice. Good luck in the contest!

Hey look

You uploaded a picture to Newgrounds! That's pretty cool.
I mean you suck at drawing trees but you had a poor tool,
I'm guessing just a mouse and Microsoft Paint?
The joke is bad and with bad grammar to taint
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maybe it would have been better if you'd never logged on.
Because he didn't say "i hate that one tree",
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I like this. The art style is cartoony and full of character, i could imagine it being a TV show. The composition of the shot is nice and the execution of the starry background is perfect. The actual content is good too, it's an interesting scene and it captures the imagination. The coloring is a bit simplistic but it does the job and all in all it's a nice piece. Good work!

Shotgunmadmax responds:

Very good review. Coloring is a big problem of mine. I think its simplistic a lot of the time on my pieces. Your review is very helpful. Thank you again.

Nice and sinister!

I really like this, and i think it's the first 10 i've given to a piece of art. The characters face is very intriguing and his expression is an interesting one. It makes it seem as though he feels some sense of duty in destroying the book. The concept is great as well, having the character facing the mirror looking at himself. The coloring and line work is all great and i just really enjoy the final product. Good stuff!

Emanhattan responds:

whoa. tyvm for your kind review!


I wish it was higher resolution but it's still great. The pose of the robot is just so ridiculously epic it's size and the fact all the tankmen are working to repair it just add to the majesty. Probably the best picture i've seen on Newgrounds. Great work!

Nice but

there is a typo/english mistake. He says "This was all i ever wanted" but then says "Was to light a fag". He should say "To light a fag" OR combine the two sentences to make "This was all i ever wanted, to light a fag and end the pain." which i think sounds best. Him saying "was" twice is clumsy and doesn't make sense. I like the art though, nice red city contrasting with the dark colors and the light snow. I like the panel placement as-well, everything flows nicely when you read it. Good luck with pg 2!

afiboy69 responds:

no actually u should read it again... it says "This is all I ever wanted. Was to light a fag, and end the pain!" However i do know exactly what u mean, and thank u. i am looking forward to ur feed back =)

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