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This is the future!

I loved this game so much. I felt like a very powerful pokemon with abilities that i had never before dreamed of possessing. I wish i could jump though! I spent ages trying to jump and i couldn't do it. Is that an unlockable ability or something? Oh well it was still fun DESTROYING all those over stupid pokemon. I felt so superior and it was a real ego booster after being bullied all day at school. Thanks a bunch for making it and good luck with your future submissions.
P.S I agree with JeriahTheSwarm, a side scroller like this (WITH JUMPING) would be soooooo fun.

This is a joke right?

I'm not sure whether to laugh or to cry.


Good work on this, i like the idea of laying it out like the BBS. The music was horrid but there was a mute button so that's ok. Thanks for making this!

Manly-Chicken responds:


I used the bbs awards music.


Great fun, i was tempted to try get number 1 in the world but gave up at 10th... I still dont get the "I wish i wish..." thing, but hey, the games fun!

pixelsoffreedom responds:

It's supposed to be a trilogy, the next games will put more emphasis on the story and it will eventually come together.

Crazy fun,

Good stuff im really enjoying it so far, probably one of the most complex RTS ive seen in flash (then again i dont normally play flash games) Reminded me of Age Of Empires, good work!

Xplored responds:

The best satisfaction is when you guys understand our inspiration and goal.
Thanks for the 10!

The Best Game On Newgrounds

Wow, im not kidding here that was the best game ive played on newgrouds, ever. The simplistic art style left a lot to the imagination and the black and white sucked you into the world, the music was amazing too, it really helped set the scene and the emotions your character is feeling. The controls where great too, easy to use but fun, and the actual game-play was just right, it started of easy and as you got better the difficulty increased, the story whilst simple was a good setting for the game but im not really sure i get the ending... Still great work and a 5/5 and 10/10 from me!

Great game!

I love these sort of physics work out a way to do it game, really fun, good graphics and challenging game play! Nice work!


Its PIE here from The Easytoon Place, awesome to see your tutorial here, and what an awesome tutorial it is, you have great artistic and animations skills, 5/5 10/10

An interesting idea!

The animation is great and he art style looks cool, it a shame there's no sound or music etc. but i think it works well without the background, id love to see something much more complicated made out of this, still a good start!

mrkomiks responds:

I wanted to make him speak with sound but he wouldn't have been able to say the name or where you're from part. ):

Cool, but a few problems.

I really liked the games art style and music, but i found that in the gameplay its kinda of hard to tell where your plane will be by the time it reaches the star. It looks likes its gunna go right through it, and then instead it just misses it, anyway apart from that, a good game overall!

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