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Posted by PIED3 - June 30th, 2013


Posted by PIED3 - January 7th, 2013

There are a great many reasons not to wake up in the morning. I'm whispered them in my dreams.
Some of the reasons are long spiraling things, inextricably complex, discursive. They require diagrams to explain and the diagrams need annotating and the annotations often require footnotes that are filled with citations and references to medieval cosmogonies or post-colonial interpretations of pre-socratic texts or suicide notes.
Some of the reasons are ineffable, amorphous and abstract. One's tempted to call them 'undefined' but in truth their vagueness is necessary. They can't be diagrammed and any attempt to do so would come out as a picture of a tired dog or a sleeping rabbit. But they are limpid and ardent, most persuasive and intelligent in the moment they're grasped but completely absurd in the next. Analysis coagulates them; explanations twist and contort their shape.
Most of the reasons are simple but small: the bed is warm, the body's stiff, the sheets are soft, and so on. These aren't the best reasons but they're like pegs in the ground that act as anchorage points for the wires of larger arguments.
There are a few reasons _for_ waking up but most of them are founded on rituals and are truly more traditions than reasons. If one rejects tradition then only two, admittedly heavy, reasons remain. The urge to produce and the urge to consume.
A nice reason to wake is to eat, to bite into a juicy warm red thing. I'm often persuaded my time spent sleeping was wasted when I hear of the roasted animals and tree pluckings found at ebullient feasts I've missed. Those raucous confluences of flaura and fauna, splattered on plates, then fingers, then mouths!
However, the urge to produce is mostly a product of boredom and bored sleep is such a rarity that this reason starves in disuse.
It is clear to see that all we have left to wake up for (the urge to consume i.e. greed) is hugely outweighed by all the multitudinous reasons we have for remaining asleep.
Thus I almost despair at sleeps incapacitating effect on rationality! None of these marvelous reasons matter once sleep has set in because the decision to sleep or slumber cannot be decided! Even if it could, the decision could not be acted upon!
No, instead of only waking after deciding to satisfy the urge to consume, one wakes at the bang of a door! One wakes at the brush of a hand! At the ring of an alarm!
Nobody has ever decided to slip in to wakefulness for a bit of food. Nobody has ever chosen to slide across from sleep to consciousness for a warm drink. We're all hurled in to wakefulness, crying and naked. It happens everyday, all the time, even now as you read this somebody's being grabbed by the scruff of their neck and violently dragged in to waking. May I reflect on the tyranny of waking for a moment?
A tyranny whose shadow blots out all sight of reason.
I don't choose to wake.
And I wouldn't.

Posted by PIED3 - August 1st, 2012

I finally got my website online and that is a big deal for me so please go check it out here.
It's all about text so if you enjoy reading you might like what the site has to offer. Philosophy, art, sociology, politics, etc. Fiction work too once i get round to it.
In other news my robot day song has yet to have any reviews and it's the finest piece of audio i've made so please give it a listen and let me know what you think.
I'm also in the middle of making quite a long piece of music. I haven't made any in quite a while and it's a new style (always is) with an ethnic/tribal feel to it. Expect it within a week or two.

Thanks for reading.
(picture is my sites logo)

I Launched My Website

Posted by PIED3 - July 10th, 2012

It's robot day at the time of posting and i spent a long time making this song/poem:
I tried to think of a realistic scenario in which a robot would do something malicious as opposed to the usual nonsensical thing were a robot built to serve food some how is capable of feeling resentful and abused and somehow despite being programmed to carry sandwiches around decides to kill someone. The song's set in the future but it's really not all that far fetched and similiar events already happen. Go check it out and make your own judgement on it's validity!
Here's a video i made for a song on the audio portal, i'll probably be making a few more of these in the future:

I've also had one of my songs used in a game for the first time ever. Zanroth the wise used 'I Could Have Sworn I Loved You' in his game 'Emergence'. Go check it out:
Me and zanroth are also currently in the process of making a sci-fi web comic (i'm doing the writing) so look forward to that sometime in the future.
Thanks for reading and i look forward to the comment you are about to type out!

Posted by PIED3 - May 7th, 2012

So i recently uploaded to the flashportal a semi-experimental animation about a drunkard in the city at night:
which perhaps you will enjoy. It's very different to my previous animations and has less of a focus on plot.
I also uploaded to the audioportal a poem about two lovers kept apart by circumstance:
I had the female voice part acted by the lovely ritsuka1591 and it's the first time i've collaborated on an audio project so that was fun!

I'm in the process of writing a piece for A Riveting Truth and it's going fairly well, i've also started writing some words for an experimental song i'm planning for Robot Day.

So things are going well!

Thanks for reading.

(pic is something i drew for fun on pico day)

Making More!

Posted by PIED3 - February 18th, 2012

Lately i've been writing some poetry and recording it with my new microphone! It's all very fun and exciting. I don't mind anyone using any of my stuff for anything.
Any thoughts on any of that would be really appreciated. Even criticism is super if you tell me specifically what sucks.

If you're more of a visual person then here's my latest experimental video (full screen it):

Thoughts on that are neat too!

Posted by PIED3 - December 19th, 2011

Hey guys,
Another poetry/music/prose kinda thing, with an experimental video to match!
Sadly i'm not that pleasing to the eye (read: ugly) but i hope it's still bearable.


Posted by PIED3 - November 26th, 2011

Hope it's entertaining (much better in fullscreen):


Posted by PIED3 - October 9th, 2011

Another new one for you to enjoy.


Posted by PIED3 - September 29th, 2011

If you are at all interested in animation and want to give it a shot, or if you've been animating for awhle and just want to find a place that focuses purely on animation i reccomend giving The Easytoon Place a shot.
Easytoon is a free black and white animation program, that really helps you hone your fbf animation skills.
Go check it out and have fun!

http://z13.invisionfree.com/The_Easyto on_Place/index.php?act=idx